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It?s 6.20pm on April 14th, 2006. You are 20 years old and single. It’syour birthday,you live in a flat in Slough, a suburb of London. You finished your studies without the required marks and you have a dead end job. What are you going to do?

This is how Kudos starts, an interesting 2D strategy game where your aim is to live as well as you can.

You start as a waiter, with a few friends and a not very good CV, you have to live as wellas you can,powering up your social status and your life.

Choose if you want tostudy a career, start working and go out with your friends, control your earnings and spend only the necessary money and save the rest.

Because sometimes, new ideas are better than flashy graphics or high polygon counts.

In the demo version some features are not activated. You can’t save your progress.

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